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Did you know that watching too many sitcoms really does make you stupid? That your brain does not age – and keeping it in good shape is no more difficult or time-consuming than keeping your heart healthy or your cholesterol under control? In Brain: The Complete Mind, discover not only the nuts and bolts of your brain – from its three-pound weight to its 100 billion nerve cells to its endless synapses which aid communication and memory – but the story of brain science (Platos first investigation; Thomas Willis, father of modern neuroscience; treating FDRs polio and paralysis; Franz Josef Gall and phrenology; the mind and war; deciphering ADHD and ADD) and how to keep all its parts functioning at optimal level. The nine chapters include: An Overview, The Nervous System, The Learning Brain, Brain Development, The Senses, Movement, States of Mind, Emotion, The Learning Brain, The Aging Brain. The book is filled with interactive boxes, including Personal Pullouts (a bippolar Vincent Van Gogh and his roller coaster


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