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At last, a book that meaningfully links the evidence that we have so far gained from cognitive neuroscience with an understanding of learning and education. This book avoids the usual pitfalls of over-stretched interpretations of the research findings and outdated assumptions about teaching and learning. It is a catalyst for bringing together the expertise and experience of professional educators with that of professional scientists in which Geake has expertly balanced accessibility and rigour. Professor Martin Westwell, Director, Flinders Centre for Science Education in the 21st Century, Flinders University, Australia Within education there is a growing interest in neuroscience research and what it can teach us. This book focuses on what neuroscience means for education professionals – in key areas such as learning, memory, intelligence and motivation – and addresses questions such as: How does the brain enable us to learn? Why do some children have learning difficulties, such as ADHD or dyslexia?


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